A Legend in the Making: The Inevitable Rise of Lorenzo Davis

Written By Freelance Journalist - Moyo Fasae

Lorenzo Davis was born and raised in the inner city of Miami alongside being the oldest of four brothers. With that fact alone, you can see he was automatically put in a position to be a leader naturally!

He is driven not only by his success but also by his mission to help uplift others to see the value they hold and ultimately meet their higher selves. He does so by reminding those around him to be true to themselves unapologetically and to be grateful for the life they are given. His bright presence truly inspires those around him to look at the glass half full rather than half empty. 

My first encounter with Lorenzo was unexpectedly refreshing and left me inspired. Surely that rainy Saturday I was not expecting such a pleasant meeting with this stranger, but that added to the beauty of life and divine timing. It was by no coincidence; God purposely placed the two of us in that office for a reason. Naturally, we hit it off from the minute we said hello to each other and engaged in deep conversation like old pals catching up on life after years of not talking. Lorenzo was able to make me feel extremely comfortable and helped me put some internal issues to bed without him even realizing it. That is just one of his many God given talents as nurturer and healer. Lorenzo is able to channel these qualities through various creative outlets that touches your soul.

Luckily for me Lorenzo gave me a few previews of his upcoming music projects that he is diligently working on in hopes to release in the near future. He is a neo-soul artist and makes sure to tie a purpose to each song with intent to evoke a positive change as well as taking a step back to breathe and reflect on your life without coming down hard on yourself. Lorenzo does nothing in vain, instead he does everything with genuine passion in all his endeavors to spark a light when you are in that dark place or when you just need a slight pick me up. Lorenzo is extremely Intune with his creativity so do not think it ends with just the music. He has so much more to offer to this world while he’s in his creative bag.

I got the chance to read the first installment of his short book series Lessons to be Told Living in the World of Taboo. Truly I could not take my eyes of the pages of his intriguing story. In the end it left me wanting more in anxious anticipation for part two. His way with words are captivating and to know that the story is inspired by his real life adds all the more substance. Lorenzo exemplifies how he overcame hardships with wisdom, faith, and a loving heart. I truly believe these virtues are keeping him afloat in the world we live in today which seems to lack so much of what is naturally within him.

Now at this point I know you are probably wondering “What else does he do?”  Well, I am here to tell you there is plenty more!

Lorenzo is also a freelance film maker, the name of his first film “C7AY Real Life Stories” Premiered in 2020. To say the least the film had intense realness, heart jerking moments, and was eye opening. The movie goes hand in hand very well with another success of his life work, which is getting people to know the status of their sexual health. 

He has dedicated so much of his life to debunk the stigma of STI/STD testing which will also free people of the unnecessary embarrassment and shame that is automatically tied to it. Lorenzo has worked for AHF in Atlanta for 3 years and has been in this field for over 15 years in totality before moving to Georgia. Lorenzo is working to make sure these conversations are being held and are seen as normal to promote safe sex and maintain proper health.

There is absolutely no shame in his game, in fact he embraces being a minority as a gay black man. Everyday Lorenzo assumes a leadership role in his community by administering HIV test at the popular thrift store Out The Closet located in Atlanta. Not only does he work there, but he also utilizes the store to host fun events such as his Taste and Test that brings awareness and serves as a safe space for those who lack support, love, and essentially a tribe that understands them compared to how they are treated in the outside world. 

All in all, you do not come across people like this very often. A strong bold leader who is ready to put themselves to the side and dedicate everything they do to serve and ultimately protect their communities and loved ones. Lorenzo is only getting started so please do whatever it takes to remember the name Lorenzo Davis. Be on the lookout for his appearance at the Atlanta Day Hip Hop Festival October 2, 2021, where he will be showcasing his beautiful vocals and previewing his song “Breathe”. If you do not get to catch him there its totally alright because Lorenzo will be having his very own concert on October 18th 2021! His concert Rhythmic Haze: Alluding to the Experience will be full of great vibes and high energy that will leave you feeling recharged and who knows maybe some healing could take place. Nonetheless save the date and I hope to see you there!

Hope You Enjoy It!! Thank You!


L.Hayes- Breathe