I am Lorenzo A. Davis, Aka (L. Hayes) Recording Neo-Soul Artist,  health advocate, activist, Film Maker,  Project Designer, Visionary Consultant and entrepreneur. I am originally from the inner city of Miami, Florida, eldest of four brothers. I was born June 5, 1988, and like most Gemini's, was very creative and free spirited at an early age. My biggest influences have been my mother and grandmother, who laid the groundwork for the person I have become today.  Facing many adversities, challenges, and stigma of “inner-city life”, my mother and grandmother proved that raising four (4) males to be different from the social standards set by society could be done. With their hard work, guidance, prayers and perseverance; I was molded to show the character, morals and intellect of an upright individual.While attending Florida Christian Academy, I found my passion: theatrical arts; for which I have a profound love for. As a result, "Baggage Claim" was created to help inspire and uplift communities and heal the broken and down-trodden. I have also learned to channel my creativity through singing and dancing and Candle Making ! Just remember:                  Faith, Hard-Work, Good Morals, Sound Goals, A Positive Attitude and a Undying belief will give way to a brighter tomorrow!